The Next Generation of Ride-Hail App is Here

While ride-hailing apps have made getting around New York City easier and more efficient, the massive increase in for-hire vehicles has contributed to increased traffic congestion and carbon emissions while negatively impacting the livelihoods of New York City’s iconic yellow taxi drivers who have kept the city moving for decades.

Waave helps New York City solve these challenges by enabling yellow taxis to offer the convenience and service that passengers expect without contributing to more traffic on our streets and more pollution in our air. 


Why Ride with Waave

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Safety first

At Waave we take the safety and privacy of our customers very seriously and only uses professional, fully licensed, insured drivers. who have all passed stringent background checks

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No Surge pricing

Save money on your travel costs with up front fixed fares that are transparent and fair.

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Rides on tap

Tap and let your driver take you where you want to go. Save time and pay through the app.

How Waave Works


Enter your destination

Open the app and enter your Destination. Tap to confirm your pickup location and tap Confirm again to be matched to a driver nearby.

Choose your ride

With Waave you have several options. Going to the airport with more luggage? Try Waave Max with more space. Or do you prefer a SUV or Sedan?

See your cost upfront

Fixed Fares are fairer. That's why Waave offers complete fare transparency. And of course surge-Price free. No surprises, all day, every day.

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Pay by app and save time

When you arrive, payment is easy. Add multiple cards for personal or business use. Don’t worry, you still can tip your driver through the app.

Track your driver and vehicle

Rate your driver and vehicle. That will help us to offer the best product.Track your driver

Rate your driver and vehicle

Rate your driver and vehicle. That will help us to offer the best product.


Our Mission

Reduce traffic congestion and pollution in cities while making means of transportation smarter and more efficient. With our smart transportation platform, we are able to reduce the number of unneeded cars on the streets of NYC. That will result in less traffic, less fuel consumption, less emissions and increased income of drivers.

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